The actions we are putting into place include:

  • Camps will be limited to 10 people, including the teacher.

  • Seats will be set apart to allow for social distancing.

  • We have a Sanitation Lead that will be wiping down high use areas around our retail, kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Arrivals will be staggered and times given to allow for the best social distancing practice. In addition, we will have someone present to take each child’s temperature upon arrival.

  • We request that back packs not be brought into the space  Children will be able to not have to use the masks while cooking and during times that social distance can be maintained.

  • Frequent hand washing will be in place as always.

  • The teacher will have a mask on at all times. Each child will be given their own set of cooking utensils to use during the class and will not be shared. At the end of each camp, the kitchen will be thoroughly

  • All classes and camps are by appointment/registration only

  • After each class we will close for 1 hour for deep cleaning and disinfection.